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Our cultural diversity is amongst the highest in the world. Our mining, agricultural and real estate industries are also amongst the best. We are a wealthy country and our banking and lending economy is regarded to be one of the world’s most stable.

But has the lending process shifted away from its purpose over the past 50 years? Can we expect banks and lenders to cater for everyone’s financial situation? A portion of the community might not match the ever-changing criteria of modern lending. The cost of exclusion is unfair, while those who match the criteria may spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just paying interest.

What is Merhis Connect?

At Merhis Connect, our vision is community and prosperity. Merhis Connect is a Payment Plan for buyers who prefer to avoid paying the interest and fees required within the conventional banking and lending solutions. Communities can ‘connect’ to buy. Families can ‘connect’ to buy. With Merhis Connect.

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No. There are no hidden costs And no application fees.

Effectively buyer and developer are connecting, so both share in the savings.

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